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Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.

In the clanadministration you have the possibility to change the settings of your clan, to add/remove members, and to add further informations or announcements.

The first step is to register/reserver your own playername and assign to your own clan. In this article we expect that you have this already done.

the "Adminbutton" ("How to reach the Settings?")

Only Clanadmins can see this button, so if you don't see it, you have to register your clan first, in this article we expect that you can already see the admin button in the Sl.Settings. Click this button to reach the clanadministration.

General Settings

The first you can see, are many (blank) fields, which you can fill in.
Sl.Help.manage clan setting.jpg

(1) Here you can type the full clanname (without colorcodes!)
(2) Here you can change the clantag, but leave it, if you don't want to change it
(3) Here you have the possibility to add a URL to an image (clanlogo), please remember that a few pictures are not allowed, and that some pictures will be edited by us or the system (like filesize).
(4) Visitors of this clanpage can contact you via this email address, remember that this email address is public.
(5) The URL/Address to your official Clanpage
(6) If you clan owns a Teamspeak/Ventrillo server, than you can put the IP-Address in here
(7) Here you can change the "searching"-status, if you clan searches for members then take "yes", otherwise take "no"
(8) Here you can select the Country of your clan.
(9) Here you can set a clanpassword, only members who have the same clanpasswort in their clansettings can join the clan.
(10) Here you can set an admin password, we recommend to set a adminpassword, otherwise everyone can see/change the clansettings
(11) Here you can add some informations or announcements to your clanpage, it's also possible to add the servermonitor, you can also use BBCodes.

If you have finished the settings, then click on "Apply" to save them, otherwise click on "Cancel".

Navigation in the administration

Usually the description "how to manage clanmembers" should come first, but first you have to know the navigation of the clanadminstration screen ;) - you will find it in the sl.settings -> "Admin" -> on the top, it looks like this:
Sl.Help.manage clan navi.jpg

(1) Here you can change the clansettings/claninformations (see above)
(2) Here you can manage the clanmembers (see below)

Manage Clanmembers

In the Membermanagement you can see all members which were already added (by you, or the system). It can be, that this list isn't up-to-date, so you have the possibility to update the memberlist.
Sl.Help.manage clan member.jpg

If you want to remove a member, then just click on the button (2) in the line of this specific member, after that you have to confirm the deletion.

If you want to change the state of this member, then you can do this by clicking on button (1), there you can change the leaderstate and the country.

If you miss a member in this list, then you can click -on the bottom of this page (3)- on "...", a new window will open, in this window you can search for a playername, if you have found this player, then just click on the name to add this member to the "searchfield" (3), next to the searchfield you can change the state (optional) (4) and the country (5) - then just click on "Add" (6) to save this member in the memberlist.

Note: If you give a member the state (4) "Leader" or "WarOrga", then this user has automaticly access to the clanadministration without knowing the password.

Here are again the buttons summarized:
(1) Change settings of a specific member
(2) Remove a specific member from the clan
(3) Add or Search for a new member
(4) change state
(5) Country of a specific player
(6) add new member

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