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Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.

Change your existing Clantag

In this manual we will describe how you can change your existing clantag.

Here are the requirements:

change the clantag in the admin section

Good, let's continue, go to the sl.Settings and you will see this:


In this example we will rename the old clan [BA] (1) into [FCO] (2). The playername with the [BA] tag, is the older playername and therefore you have the adminbutton next to it. The playername with the [FCO] tag is the new playername and is only assigned to my forums account, but not in a clan yet. So, let's change that!

Next to the old playername, there is the Adminbutton (3), click it to see this screen:


You can see the old clantag in the textfield (1), we want to change it, so put there the new clantag.

Note: Before you click on "Set", you should view and remember the admin password, you may need it later!

Now you can click on "Set"

Check the Changes and final Steps

Go back to the sl.Settings, you should now see this image:


Something changed?
Not much, but yes. the old playername has now the new clantag (1)

That's okay, click again on the admin button (2)
Now you can change the clansettings like you always did, if you want to

Check these final steps:

How to manage Members, you will find out in the Article Member Management

As soon as you removed your old players you may recognized that the sl has asked for the password. ignore that and just click again on the sl.Settings (to reload the settingspage)

Now you can see, the old playername has no clantag anymore, but now the new playername has the new clantag, now you have also the admin button next to the new playername

If you click this button, then you can change the clansettings

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