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ET:Advanced Spawning/en

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Usually you choose the spawn point by clicking the little flags on the command map inside limbo. But you can also change the spawnpoint using the console command "setspawnpt".

To choose the team, class & weapon you use the limbo too. As an alternative it is possbile to use the console command "team".
Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.


How spawning works

The mapper places a (invisible) team_WOLF_objective entity on the map and usually groups spawn points around it. Spawn points are symbolized by team_CTF_redspawn/team_CTF_bluespawn entities (red=Axis, blue=Allies). Later the little flags will appear on the command map where the team_WOLF_objective entities are located. When you select a spawn point (the team_WOLF_objective entity) and spawn, ET searches for the next free team_CTF_redspawn/ team_CTF_bluespawn entity next to it and spawns you there. Spawn points can be blocked by players that spawn before you (by connecting before you and so they are before you in the internal player list on the server). Alternativly, spawn points can be hidden so that they are unavailable for spawning, e.g. the enemy captures the Old City on Siwa Oasis.

The trick is now to use the console command "setspawnpt" instead of the limbo menu to select a spawn point. This way players will be able to select even enemy spawn points! Players won't spawn at enemy spawn points, but they will spawn at the nearest available spawn point, which is usually different from the ones you can select via the limbo flags. Since each spawn point has around 30 spawn locations to support larger servers with more players. On some maps the differences are marginal, on other maps they can be very usefull.

How to use the "setspawnpt" command

Using the "setspawnpt" console command is pretty easy: simply pull down the console and write "/setspawnpt 0". The number after the command is the number of the spawnpoint. See below for list for the standard maps. 0 is always the default spawn point, which may change during the game, e.g. when a team captures a flag. Useful numbers are usually range from 1 to 5, depending on the map. When you select a number which is not a valid for a spawn point, then the nearest available spawn location to the center of the map is selected.

Example from Siwa Oasis for Allies

As Allied, after the Old City flag is taken, players usually start at a location near the flag:

Allies spawn in flag room

But when players select the Axis Garrison as spawn point via the console command you spawn near the ammo/health cabinets in the adjacent room:

Allies spawn in room with health/ammo cabinets

Spawn point numbers for stock maps

The number before a spawn point name is the number for "setspawnpt" command. Spawn points for LMS only games are marked with a "(LMS)" behind the name. Click on a name to see an image from Radiant with the spawn points (top view, upward is north). The team_WOLF_objective entity is marked with an arrow, the spawn locations appear as red resp. blue boxes around it. Sometimes the boxes overlap (usually when the spawn point is fightable), so some boxes might not be visible.

Fuel Dump spawn points

Usefull settings

Rail Gun spawn points


Würzburg Radar spawn points

Usefull settings

Gold Rush spawn points

Usefull settings

Seawall Battery spawn points

Usefull settings


Siwa Oasis spawn points

Usefull settings

How to use the "team" command

You can select the team, class and weapon with a single command.


/team <team> <class> <weapon> <sidearm>

The values inside the < > must be replaced by the values given below. You can omit values starting from the right, e.g. you adding values for <team> and <class>, but not for <weapon> and <sidearm>. When values are omitted ET will pick the default values. When an invalid combination is choosen, ET will fall back to default values, see the examples section for more details.


s Spectator
b Team blue resp. Allies
r Team red resp. Axis


0 Soldier
1 Medic
2 Engineer
3 Field Ops
4 Covert Ops


3 MP40
4 M1A1 Thompson
5 Panzerfaust
6 Flamethrower
10 Sten MkII S
23 K43 & GPG40 GranatWerfer - Rifle for Axis Engineer
24 M1 Garand & M7 Grenade Launcher - Rifle for Allied Engineer
25 M1S Garand (Silenced) - Rifle for Allied Covert Ops
31 MG42 machine gun
32 K43 (Silenced) - Rifle for Axis Covert Ops
33 FG42
35 81mm Mörser resp. 3 Inch Mortar for Axis resp. Allied Soldier


2 Colt .45 ACP (for Allies)
3 MP40 (for Axis Soldier class, requires Heavy Weapon skill level 4)
4 M1A1 Thompson (for Allied Soldier class, requires Heavy Weapon skill level 4)
7 Luger 9mm (for Axis)
37 Akimbo Colt .45 ACP - for Allies, requires Light Weapons skill level 4
38 Akimbo Luger 9mm - for Axis, requires Light Weapons skill level 4


/team s You switch to spectator.
/team b 1 You will spawn as Allied Medic with Thompson and Colt.
/team b 1 4 7 You will spawn as Allied Medic with Thompson and Colt. You can omit the parameters for the weapon and sidearm, because ET will choose the (one and only) default weapon combination for the Allied Medic - the Thompson with Colt.
/team b 1 4 37 You will spawn as Allied Medic with Thompson and Akimbo Colts when you have already Light Weapons skill level 4. If not you will fall back to Thompson with single Colt.
/team r 2 23 You will spawn as Axis Engineer with a K43 Rifle.
/team r 2 24 You will spawn as Axis Engineer with a MP40, since the number 24 is assigned to the M1 Garand - the Rifle for Allied Engineers, which is not available for Axis Engineers at spawn. So ET will choose the default weapon for Axis Engineer - the MP40.

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