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ET:Basic Skills/en

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Sotilas (soldier)

Heavy Weapons taso 1: Improved Projectile Resources (Parannellut ammusvarat)

Taistelutaitosi sallivat sinun käyttää raskaita aseita helpommin. Esim. Panzer (sinko) tai Mortar (raskas kranaatinheitin) vievät kolmasosan vähemmän energiaa energiapalkista.

Heavy Weapons taso 2: Heavy Weapon Proficiency (Raskaiden aseiden asiantuntemus)

Tekninen osaamisesi tarkoittaa, että Mobile MG (raskas konekivääri) ylikuumetessaan jäähtyy kaksi kertaa nopeammin kuin aikasemmin.

Heavy Weapons taso 3: Improved Dexterity (Paranneltu taitavuus)

Raskaan aseen kanssa käveleminen on nopeampaa. (Paitsi liekinheittimellä ammutaessa)

Heavy Weapons Level 4: Improved Weapon Handling (Paranneltu aseen käsittely)

Voit kantaa samanaikaisesti SMG:tä (konepistoolia) ja raskasta asetta, kuten Thompson (SMG, vain Allies) ja Mortar (raskas kranaatinheitin).

Lääkintämies (medic)

First Aid (Ensiapu) Taso 1: Lääkintämiehen ammukset Lääkintämiehet saavat yhden lisälippaan ja -kranaatin heidän normiaseistukseensa.

First Aid Taso 2: Parannellut

2 syringes extra max ammo, 2 extra on spawn plus Medic pack only takes 15% Power Bar instead of 25%

First Aid Level 3: Full Revive

Syringes now return fallen team-mates to full health.

First Aid Level 4: Adrenalin Self

To equip the adrenalin shot press the Special Weapon 1 key (5 by default) twice and then press the primary fire key to inject the Adrenaline syringe. Doing so will impart a temporary bonus in Health and Stamina. For 10 seconds you will only suffer half damage from any attack and your Stamina Bar will not decrease at all, even if you are sprinting. This will give you the ability to rush into and out of strongly defended areas which may prove of critical tactical importance.

Insinööri/Pioneeri (engineer)

Engineering Level 1: Paranneltu räjähteiden käyttö

Asevarastoosi on lisätty neljä kiväärikranaattia ja neljä käsikranaattia

Engineering Level 2: Improved Dexterity

The experience of handling explosives in combat allows Engineers to arm and defuse Land Mines and Dynamite in half the time.

Engineering Level 3: Improved Construction and Destruction

The expertise of the veteran Engineer means that constructing and repairing objects and setting Dynamite or Land Mines uses 1/3rd less Power Bar charge than normal.

Engineering Level 4: Issued Flak Jacket

Only the most expert Engineers who have proven their ability to survive on the battlefield are issued with these expensive Flak Jackets which provides the player with 50% damage deflection from explosive weapons.

Taistelutulenjohtaja/ammusvastaava (Field ops)

Signals Level 1:

Improved Resources Your proven logistical efficiency is rewarded by access to Improved Resources. Every Ammo Pack you distribute will contain an extra magazine clip and issuing the Ammo Pack will only deplete your Power Bar by 15% instead of 25%.

Signals Level 2: Improved Signals

Your experience as a fire support observer gains you improved efficiency. Calling in an Artillery or Air Strike uses up only 2/3 of your Power Bar, allowing you to call in fire support more frequently than before.

Signals Level 3: Improved Air and Ground Support

Your expertise in identifying key enemy targets is rewarded by diverting more fire support resources to your designated targets. Each Air Strike now has two aircraft incoming and each Artillery Strike lasts twice as long.

Signals Level 4: Enemy Recognition

Your observational skill and battlefield experience now means that you can identify disguised enemy Covert Ops. Placing your cross-hairs over an Enemy infiltrator will result in a Disguised Enemy prompt and their location will be highlighted on your team's Command Map.

Soluttautuja/tarkka-ampuja (covert ops)

Covert Operations Level 1: Improved Use of Scoped Weapon Ammunition

Each Ammo Pack you get from a Field Ops or Ammo Cabinet includes one extra clip of ammunition for your Scoped Weapon

Covert Operations Level 2: Improved use of Sabotage and Misdirection

Your expertise allows you to use your Satchel Charges and Smoke Grenades more often: your Power Bar usage will be reduced by 1/3rd.

Covert Operations Level 3: Breath Control

Your mastery of the Sniper's art results in a 50% reduction in both recoil jump and weapon sway with Scoped Weapons.

Covert Operations Level 4: Assassin

Your expertise with the knife allows you an instant kill with any backstab.

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