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ET:Client Guide (Jaymod)/en

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This article is for those playing on a server running Jaymod. Jaymod has a few new commands a features added to the regular Enemy Territory multiplayer game. Become familiar with some of the commands you can now use! But be aware, that some commands need server side activation or a special admin level to work. So check the server settings if something isn't working.

In-game Commands

Private Messaging

Jaymod implements a popular feature called Private Messaging that allows one to send a private message to a specified individual or group of individuals. Check with the server admin of the server you are playing to check whether this is enabled or not. To use this feature, simply go into the Misc section of the Jaymod menu, and bind a key to use it.

You can also use Private Messages through the console or global chat window, but this method is deprecated and discouraged. You can find a player's slot number by using the !listplayers [ET:Shrubbot Commands (Jaymod)/en|Shrubbot] command. This is the best way to make sure only one specific individual receives your message.

You can also specify a partial name match. This is a shorthand way, but also allows for multiple people to receive the message. For example, sending a message to "dam" will send the message "hello!" to players "Adam" and "Damage", since they both have "dam" in their name. Just be careful that you don't make the partial name too generic or you might send your message to someone unintended!

There is also the option to block Private Messages. With Shrubbot enabled, anyone who is equal to your level or lower will be unable to send you a Private Message if you are blocking them. Anyone above you, however, will still be able to do so. This allows server admins to use Private Messaging as a valuable tool. You can find this option in the Jaymod game menu.

If you have Private Message Sounds turned on you will hear a sound when a new message arrived (this is on by default, you can turn them off by using the Jaymod game menu).


A popular Shrub feature, playdead has to be turned on by the server admin to be used. Note that this version of playdead is a bit less bugged than Shrub's version. It's much harder to get stuck in walls, and there's just about zero chance of someone using this as an exploit to get through a wall (example, bank doors on Goldrush) due to extra checks to make sure there is enough clearance for your player to fall down and still be in the "world". You can use this feature by binding a key for it in the Jaymod menu under Misc.

The key you specify will now toggle playdead mode. When you are in playdead mode, you cannot shoot your weapon. To an enemy, you look like a dead player (after a tap-out and awaiting a respawn). However, you will still be a solid body (players cannot walk through you) and your eyes will still blink.

This is an excellent way to infiltrate enemy bases and maintain the element of surprise!

In-game Features

Class Stealing

Class stealing allows a player to steal a dead teammate's class. This option must be enabled on the server to use.

In order to steal a class, you stand over a dead teammate and hold your activate key, much as you would steal a uniform as a covert ops. When you finish stealing their class, you lose your class abilities and your current weapons. You will gain the weapon the dead player was using (on an empty clip, you must find ammo!!) and all the abilities of their class.

Note: If the server administrator has enabled it, when you are a disguised covert ops and steal a class, you keep the disguise even though you aren't a covert ops anymore. I'll leave the possibilities up to your imagination…

Corpse Dragging

When this option is enabled on the server, you can drag dead players using your activate key. You can use this to drag a teammate waiting to be revived away from danger, or drag a dead enemy away so that you can steal their uniform, for example.

Double Jump

Double Jump allows you to do just that: double jump! When this option is enabled on the server, you can jump mid-air again and gain more height. This makes trick jumping easy, and allows for some interesting gun fights.


This extremely popular feature (when turned on in your game) makes a sound when you hit a player. The sound played depends on what you hit:

You can turn hitsounds off in your Jaymod preferences if you'd rather not hear them. You can also select which hitsounds sounds you want to use.

Killing Sprees and Sounds

When enabled on the server, the game will keep track of player kills and display Unreal-Tournament-like killing spree messages. The Unreal Tournament sounds have been added as well, and, if enabled on the server, will play along with the killing spree messages. This is turned on in your game by default, but you can turn them off in your Jaymod preferences.


By default, death messages (obituaries) will show up on the left, middle part of your screen. On larger servers where there are a lot of deaths, it is sometimes useful to have those messages display in the chat area instead. In the Jaymod Display menu, you can set where you want these to display.

Alternate HUD

For those that don't know, HUD stands for Heads Up Display. This is how things are set up on your screen, like what weapon you're holding, your compass, how much XP and health you have, etc. Jaymod has an alternative HUD available to use that takes up less of the screen. You can find this option in the Jaymod Display menu.


Server admins have the option of displaying a small logo on every player's screen. Usually this logo will fade after a specified period of time, but sometimes admins may decide to keep the logo for an extended or indefinite amount of time. You can adjust the opacity or even completely disable this logo under the Jaymod Display menu.

Panzer War

When Panzer War is enabled on the server, the whole game-play changes.

You will spawn as a Soldier with a panzerfaust, a knife, and 100 grenades. Your player's behavior is heavily modified as follows:

This is a fun mode, and as such you cannot complete most maps (as most require engineers to perform certain functions and you cannot be anything but a soldier in this mode). Have fun with this one; it's a blast!

Sniper War

Sniper War is another special play mode made just for sharpshooters. You will spawn as a Covert Ops with a sniper rifle (respective to the team you're on), a knife, and binoculars. There are a few changes in this mode to the game play:

Poison Syringes

Jaymod has a new weapon for use by every class if the server has it enabled.

You can find Poison Syringes on weapon slot 4 (behind the grenades). It is a blue colored syringe that you can stab enemies with (or friendlies with friendly fire enabled). When hit with a Poison Syringe, your view will start swaying back and forth, and warp just as you would if you were underwater, but to a much higher degree. You can hear your heart pounding. Better find help.

Poison injections compound – that is, if you get hit multiple times, you get hurt faster. This allows XP sharing with poison hits – if you hit someone with a poison syringe, you will get XP for it every time they get hurt from your needle until they die. The interval of time that your syringe damages the player is 1.5 seconds, so every 1.5 seconds you will get 0.2 Medic XP and hurt the player 10HP. Since it tracks multiple people hitting the player with a Poison Syringe, the last poison damage inflicted that causes the death of the player gives the person who hit them with the specific syringe that caused the death 3 Medic XP.

Poisoned players can un-poison themselves by finding health packs. Poisoned players cannot heal themselves, however, in an effort to make it fair for players who aren't medics. Essentially, a player can un-poison themselves by finding a health pack that is not their own. Since poison compounds, you must find a health pack for each time you have been poisoned. For example, if you have been hit 4 times with a syringe, you must find 4 health packs. Health cabinets also count.

Adrenaline Sharing

If it is enabled on the server, along with your adrenaline syringe, you will have the ability to share adrenaline with other players. If you switch to the alternate weapon of the adrenaline syringe (usually right click on the mouse), the syringe will point outwards and you can give a live teammate adrenaline. This is an excellent way to promote teamwork in tough situations.

Goomba Killing

Alluding to the Mario Bros. days, if enabled on the server, you can "goomba" kill people by landing on their heads. The farther you fall, the more damage you inflict. Also, if you land on someone's head, it softens your fall.


If it is enabled on the server, level 5 engineers are able to use S-Mines (aka Bouncing Betties). These mines are more powerful than regular mines, and bounce in the air before exploding.

Poison Gas Mines

If it is enabled on the server, level 5 engineers are able to use poison-gas mines. Like the S-mines, they bounce into the air, but release a deadly gas for a duration of time.

Winchester M97

If it is enabled on the server, every class but Covert Ops can use the new shotgun. It is a very powerful 6-shot pump-action shotgun that is great for close combat. Reloading works different than most weapons as you must load one shell at a time, and reloading can be interrupted by pressing (not necessarily holding) fire while reloading.

Throwing Knives

If it is enabled on the server, anyone with a knife can throw them. You will need to re-bind whatever key you are currently using for alternate weapon to use the new Jaymod command. It acts just like the alternate weapon function, with the addition of allowing alternate fire. You can find this in the Jaymod Misc menu. To throw a knife, hold the alt fire button and release. The longer you hold the knife, the harder you throw it (up to one second worth of strength). Knifes react according to your momentum too – if you are strafing left when releasing, the knife will have a leftward path as well.

If it is enabled on the server, throwing knives will also poison whoever they hit.

Live Uniform Stealing

If it is enabled on the server, Covert Ops players can sneak behind someone and steal their pants right off of them! You must stay behind the player though.


If it is enabled on the server, players with the password can use the shoutcasting feature. This is a beefed up version of spectating. Players will be able to see the names of players above their heads, see timers on dynamite, and see all landmines across the map. To use this, use the following commands:

/sclogin password



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