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Installation Guide

This Guide was written by:

A lot of times there are questions and problems with Enemy Territory and because of this we have written this little guide for a correct installation of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

ET Installation:

  1. Install ET Windows | Linux | Macintosh
  2. Install Patch 2.60 Windows | Linux
  3. Install Patch 2.60b Windows | Linux | Macintosh

Attention: You only have to replace the files from Patch 2.60b

Necessity of Patch 2.60b:

Without the Patch of 2.60b there is a huge security lag. This lag allows serveradmins to execute code on the client pc. With this Patch 2.60b this problem is solved. We advise you to only play with the patched ET Version. A connect with a ET Version lower than 2.60b is a potential danger to your own PC.

Solve PunkBuster Problems:

  1. Delete the content of the pb directory
  2. Download PunkBuster Webupdate PBsetup
  3. Add a new directory for PBsetup
  4. Switch the PBsetup file to this directory
  5. Execute PBsetup

PC freezes on Punkbuster Server:

User of a ATI Chipset need the newest driver, because punkbuster is not compatible with the old ones. You only need an update of your driver if punkbuster was installed the normal way and updated with the webupdate, but nevertheless the PC freezes.

  1. Download the ATI-Chipset Driver
  2. Deinstall the old driver
  3. Start your pc again
  4. Install the new driver
  5. Start your pc again

I get kicked from Punkbuster Server:

Punkbuster needs you to have Admin rights on the PC. Other Causes:

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