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What is Jaymod?

Jaymod is an add-on modification to RTCW: Enemy Territory. The idea for Jaymod came from the main features of Shrubmod. Shrubmod has long been out of date and unsupported, and with the instability issues that come with Shrubmod, something had to be done to get a Shrub-like server-side mod that would provide most of Shrub’s features, be stable, and be supported. This mod has, obviously, outgrown the original objective of being server-side only. Some of the ideas I wanted to implement could not be done with server code only, so the decision was made to start working on the client end as well. I wanted this to be as easy as possible for end users, and now only one pak needs to be downloaded (on the fly) to be able to play this mod. With most of Shrub’s implementation complete, the focus has shifted to the requests of the community, many of which mirror features already implemented in ETPro. This mod is becoming a rather well-rounded game play mod as a result. It is seeing more and more options that might be deemed competition-minded while maintaining its fun factor for pub environments.

Where can I download Jaymod?

Jaymod and all neccessary documentation is available for download at its site at You may find versions available elsewhere on the internet, but if at all possible download it from Jaymod’s homepage, as you are most likely to get the most up-to-date version.

Features of version 2.x.x

Omni-Bot Support

Jaymod natively supports the Omni-bot project. This allows servers to set up computer controlled bots with relative ease. There is nothing that you have to set up within Jaymod’s configuration to use them. There is, however, some setup that needs to be done with the Omni-bot installation.

To get Omni-bot for your server, visit[1]. There, you can download the files needed to get Omni-bot running, and the documentation for installation and configuration is available. It is imperative that you match the Omni-bot installation to what version Jaymod supports. This version supports 0.52, but for beta releases, check the included readme.txt file for updates to Omni-bot support.

Unlagged 2 Support

Jaymod implements Neil "Haste" Toronto's antilag scheme. Enemy Territory already has a partial implementation, but it is very limited to basic backwards reconciliation. Jaymod implements much more of the Haste’s code, including optimized client-side prediction, true ping, client smoothing, and lag simulations in dev mode. The new antilag options are turned on by default, and can be disabled via the appropriate CVARS.

ETPro Mapscripts

Jaymod has the added functionality of ETPro's extended mapscript support.

The extended mapscripts offered by ETPro allow new things such as new spawn points and map bugfixes, among other possibilities. There is documentation on these scripts at ETPro's website. To enable them, simply set g_mapscriptDirectory to the directory where the mapscripts are located (Jaymod comes with the ETPro versions of the standard 6 maps in a folder called 'mapscripts').

Change Log

Jaymod 2.0

Jaymod 1.4

Jaymod 1.3

Jaymod 1.2

Jaymod 1.1

Jaymod 1.0

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