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ET:Shrubbot (Jaymod)/en

From sl.Wiki

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Jaymod implements a popular and useful feature from the old Shrubmod called "Shrubbot". This system allows for easier administration of the game by allowing server admins to set up different levels of access to shrubbot's many commands. This way, there is no need to set up referee password or give out sensitive rcon passwords. This section will go into detail on how to set up the shrubbot configuration file.

Note: For shrubbot to work properly, you must have PunkBuster enabled on your server!

To use a command, simply type (at the console or global chat):

!command options.

Of course, replace "command" with the command you want to use. The options you specify after it depends on the specific command. To find the usage for each command in-game, simply type the command without any options and it will display usage if the specific command requires any other options.

For the full list of Shrubbot commands see the article about the Shrubbot Commands.

When you want to enable Shrubbot commands on your server, see the article Setting up Shrubbot.

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