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ET:Standard Maps/en

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Enemy Territory comes with 6 standard maps which are split into 2 campaigns.

North Africa Campaign

Campaign file northafrican.campaign
Description (from the .campaign-file) 1942, and the Axis empire is at its height. While the Soviets battle the Axis in the East the remaining Allied forces damage and distract the Axis in the West until an amphibious liberation of Europe can be mounted.
The Allies are concentrating their efforts in North Africa. Here the Axis forces are keen to inflict further defeats and seize control of the oil-rich Middle East. The sands of the Sahara Desert will be your first battlefield. See that it is not your last.
  1. Siwa Oasis
  2. Seawall Battery
  3. Gold Rush

Central Europe Campaign

Campaign file centraleurope.campaign
Description (from the .campaign-file) 1943. The Axis High Command has ordered a strategic withdrawal from the 'remote and ultimately insignificant' North African theatre and their forces are busy fortifying the Atlantic coastline in expectation of Allied raids and an eventual invasion.
The Allies have much work to do before they can hope to mount a successful invasion attempt and must gain expertise in both beach and parachute landings. Clearly, the next phase of conflict will be critical.
  1. W├╝rzburg Radar
  2. Rail Gun
  3. Fuel Dump

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