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PlayerName / PlayerID / Forumname


This article helps to know the difference between PlayerName, PlayerID and Forumname


The playername is the name which you use inGame - if you look at the image above you will see the playername as "[BA]Kufelfang" - that's the name which is used inGame.


The playerID is the unique number for a playername - you can find the playerid on the statistics page of a player - it's in the adressbar.

look at the statistics of sl.Splatman - as you can see, the adressbar has following part: "idx=10537451" and 10537451 is the playerid of sl.Splatman.


The forumname is the username of the Splatterladder boards, the forumname is necessary if you have problems with the forums. - If you register/reserve a playername in splatterladder, then the playername is assigned to your forumname

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