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Searchplugin for firefox/en

From sl.Wiki

Contents* made a plugin for your Firefox Browser - If you install this plugin, you are able to search playernames in your browser by just typing the name in the searchbox.


Install it it's very simple: When you are on Open Search Plugin for "sl", you can install it in two ways:

1. Click on the icon of your search box, available (usually) at top-right of your screen Then, click on Add "sl.Search". The plugin will be automatically installed.

Slsearch1 en.png

2. Click on Add "[] Search" to Mozilla Firefox. You will get a confirm box, click on Add.

Slsearch2 en.png

To start using it, if you haven't clicked on "Start using it right away", you have to click again on the icon of your search box (marked with a red circle)

Slsearch3 en.png

You will obtain this:

Slsearch4 en.png


To Remove sl.Search plugin, you just have to click on Manage Search Engines..., the latest item of search engine list. Then, select [] Search and click Remove.

Slsearch5 en.png

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