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What is the gamelauncher

The sl.Gamelauncher is a little tool, for Windows, to join a gameserver via website without using the internal browser of the game. Therefore will be url's placed in the system which will be executed by the internetbrowser. You can join an et-server via et://password@ or a farcry-server via farcry:// without circulary copying of the ip, just klicking the website button to join. The link works not only with the splatterladder-site, but also with every other site.

Hint: The gamelauchner is expandable by everybody because of its open config-files. It would be nice if you publish your config-extensions here in the wiki, so everyone can profit from your effort. How that works is explained in the last chapter.


A detailed installguide is in progress.

HHIS I should have thohugt of that!

Always a good job right here. Keep rolilng on through.

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