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Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.



All registered players can choose a signature and use it in forums (not only or place it on a webpage. Signatures show the player name, the splatterladder rank and the current server the players is playing on resp. when the player was seen last on a server.

How does it work

To use it on websites you need to add HTML code, for forums you need to add some BBCode (which is usually forum specific). Here some examples:

HTML-Code (Hypertext Markup Language Code - for websites)

<a href="" target="_new">
  <img src="">

BB-Code (Bulletin Board Code - for forums)


The number at the end is the player id. You can find it by looking at the URL of the player info page. E.g. when the URL is then the id is 10537451.

The result is always the same, e.g. in this case:

Signatur splatman.jpg

We created several desings for signature images. You can try our Signature-Generator or take a look at this forum topic. As you can see, some designs include the avatar image from the forum.


The Signature-Generator simplifies the creation of links for signatures images. You only need to copy&paste the generated code into the website resp. forum.

To get to the Signature-Generator, open the player info page for the desired player (this is a page like this: You can use the function to find the page. On the bottom of the player info page is the link to the Signature-Generator.

On the Signature-Generator page simply select the design in the left column and then copy&paste the appropriate code snippet from the fields in the right column into the webpage resp. the forum. At the bottom you can see a preview, how it will look like.


Question: Why do I get "err_not_registered" in my signature image?
Answer: You need to acquire the desired player name. To acquire a player name login to sl (register first if needed) and acquire the player name via your sl.Settings. The link to the sl.Settings you can also find at the top on the splatterladder main page. Don't forget to select the correct game in the upper right.

Question: Is the signature image live? How often does splatterladder update the signature image?
Answer: If the players isn't playing right now, the signature image updates approx. every 3 minutes. Is the the player currently on a server, then the signature image updates always 10 seconds after the last server scan, i.e. approx. every 30 seconds.

Question: I changed my avatar image in the forum, but it doesn't show in the signature image. Why?
Answer: The avatar images are cached for better performance and will shift with a delay. The new avatar image should be adopted after 24h at most.

Question: My question isn't answered yet. Where can I get help?
Answer: You can post your question in our support forum (you need to log in, to be able to start a new topic). Usually you will get an answer within a few hours.

Usefull Links

A list of all available signature designs
Signature-Generator example

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