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If you are going to spend your time looking at only one ayclntias metric, it should be the bounce rate. If you are like many other ayclntias newbies that don’t know what the term bounce rate even means, it is the percentage of visitors who visit only one page of your website and then leave without viewing any other pages. Regardless of whether they type in a different URL, hit the back button or close their browser window, if they don’t look at more than one page on your website, they will make your bounce rate higher. The higher your bounce rate is, the less engaged visitors are when they visit a page of your website.Although it would be great if everyone could have a bounce under ten percent, it’s almost never going to happen. As ayclntias expert Avinash Kaushik wrote, “it is really hard to get a bounce rate under 20%, anything over 35% is cause for concern, 50% (above) is worrying.”

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