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[[de:add server]]
[[de:add server]]
[[fi:serverin lisäys]]
== Server Registration ==
== Server Registration ==

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Server Registration

Before you do anything, you should check if the server isn't already in the serverlist! - Try a search for the IP adress of the server.

Nothing found

(1) Ok, now you've just searched for the IP adress of the server, but you didn't find anything, which means you currently see this screen: Register server 01.jpg

(2) Check the IP adress again, maybe it contains some typos, if the IP is correct you can click "Register this IP with the server list...", after clicking on this link you get the message, that the server was added. Now you have to wait, it can take between 5 minutes up to 2 hours, simply try after 10 minutes to search for your serverip again, in the most cases the server is already in the serverlist, if not, then you have to wait a little bit longer

That's all, now the server is in the list, if not then be sure, that the server is also online and try it again

Note: The server has to be online or else the server won't appear in the serverlist!

Server with dynamic IP adresses

The Splatterladder can't detect servers with dynamic IPs automaticly, that's because the ip-adress changes daily. A server should have always a static IP, if you order/rent a (game)server, then ask if the ip adress is static. If not, then there's a way to add a dynamicDNS to the server, but remember, that there's no guaranty for that.

To add a server with a dynamic ip we need following informations:

invalid IP-adresses

If you host the game on your computer, then you have to find the correct IP adress, invalid adresses are:

you need to find the correct adress, which is accessable from the outside, so if you have a firewall, the server may appear to be online on your computer, but still nobody can connect.