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Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.

List of awards

Hint: The awards apply to reserved playernames and are calculated with all valid sessions within the last 24 hours.

In the award-list you will find the daily computation date.

  • Mr. Hopper! - This Server-hopper-award goes to the one visiting the most various servers. On all servers he has to play a valid and at least 10 minutes lasting session.
  • Damn, i'm good! - The "Damn, i'm good!"-award is for the one playing the best session. This is set up by Sessionrating with a little sessiontime-bonus. The displayed rating (for example: 28.53) means he has played during this session as he would have earned it permanently.
  • Call me god! - can say everyone, who played the best Sessions in sum. Once again players who have played a little bit longer will be advanced by the time-bonus. The shown rating is equal to that, if he played all the time that good.
  • U don't have a woman? - The funniest award is of course this one.

  • The best place... -

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