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Soldier is the most simple class in W:ET.The role of the soldier is to kill players,so soldiers have a wide choice of weapons:panzerfaust,mortar,flamethrower and MG42.Because all of this weapons are highly destructive, the soldier class is the best choice for beginners.The only flaw is that your movement is slow,but that changes on level 3 heavy weapons.


Medic is a very important class,it´s role is to hand-out med packs and revive fallen teammates. A good medic will find themselves in the line of fire quite often, but they should never be the first line of an assault. Instead, it's better to hang back, wait for the first wave of soldiers to engage the enemy, and then run in with a needle to raise the fallen and health packs to revitalize the wounded. Charging into the middle of a firefight with nothing but a syringe in hand is risky, but can easily turn the tide of a close battle while earning valuable experience. Just remember that a medic is no good to their team dead, so don't hesitate to heal yourself when you need it.


In many ways, the engineer is the most important class in Enemy Territory. They are, of course, the only class that can build structures, repair vehicles, and dynamite objectives. In fact, Rail Gun is the only map that can be won without the aid of an engineer - on every other map, each team needs at least one to achieve victory.

Field Ops

Since the Field Ops class is a weapon based class, the best spot for a Field Ops under normal circumstances is with someone who is going to be doing little else than trying to decimate as much of the enemy forces as possible, the Soldier Class. The Soldier is the heavy weapons expert and packs the biggest punch, so naturally he'll be chewing up ammo faster than any other class. Either in a support postion of defense or helping pave the way on the attack, a Field Ops is a vital part of keeping the big guns booming with ammo packs-o-plenty.

Covert Ops

Playing as Covert Ops, the newest total Wolfenstein class born in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, you must get a new mind set in place. You are the best-equipped class to run the lone wolf tactic. Running on your own, outside a supported fire team, you'll progress through rank by undermining the enemy efforts whether defense, or offense. You are swift, silent and deadly.

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