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Reference of the Flag-Icons

There are some reasons why a session can not be rated. Possible flags that can appear for the flag column are:

  • Ses lesspl.png Not enough players: A minimum of 6 valid players are required for a session rating. Players are valid with a 2/3 playtime of the sessionlength (the green bar under the time).
  • Ses toshort.png Session is to short: A valid session must have a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • Ses nocp.png No anticheat: punkbuster or actual etpro is required for ranked sessions
  • Ses pw.png Passworded: passworded sessions are generally ignored.
  • Ses invmap.png Invalid Map: The map is excluded from the ranking. Mostly these are Trickjump- and Snipermaps.
  • Ses points.png disturbing factors: To many disturbing factors have appeared in the session-calculation. Bots usually cause the disturbances. For example, 20 players with one bot isn't bad but 20 players with 5 bots are regarded as a disturbing factor.
  • Ses svoff.png Server disabled: The server is disabled for the ranking.