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Sl.Gamelauncher Documentation/en

Revision as of 00:28, 14 February 2007 by Sl.Proddi (Talk | contribs)


What is the gamelauncher

The sl.Gamelauncher is a little tool to join a gameserver via website without using the internal browser of the game. Therefore will be url's placed in the system which will be executed by the internetbrowser. You can join an et-server via et://password@ or a farcry-server via farcry:// without circulary copying of the ip, just klicking the website button to join. The links work not only the splatterladder-site, but also with every other site.

Hint: The gamelauchner is expandable by everybody because of its open config-files. It would be nice if you publish your config-extensions here in the wiki, so everyone can profit from your effort. How that works is explained in the last chapter.


A detailed installguide is in progress.


Binding the games

You may start an automatic search during the installation or afterwards in the options. The gamelauncher tries to find all of your installed games. With a right-click on the according game you can set the install-path by yourself or correct it. Watch out for a marked check-box, only with that enabled your game starts using your browser.


In advance: the binding of the versions is optional. If games being updated it may be possible not to be able to connect on every server. That is because of the incompatible versions of the game. With the gamelauncher you may seperate single game-versions by creating extra game-directories which will be executed automatically. However, the url must contain the version of course.

Server-specific configuration

You got server with specific configuration like a slot-password? The Launcher can do this for you. With 'new server-setting' you define a password, a config-file or own instructions. There is no limit to the number of server-entries, so go ahead!


The update-function is enabled by default. You can edit the update-interval in the options or turned it completely off. You can also start a manual update. There is only one search per each interval (daily, weekly or monthly) for updates. If there is a new program-version you will be informed and asked, if you want to update.

How to configure your website for the gamelauncher

The gamelauncher supports starting your games via a simple internet-address, which can be added by every webmaster easily. The address looks like this:


You only have to set up a link to your game-server:

<a href="et://">Join my server</a>

That's all. And now your visitors can join a server from your website using the gamelauncher. A little hint for your visitors that they need the gamelauncher would be helpful. Following addresses are correct:

et://              ; standard
et://      ; with dynamic ip (Don't forget the port!)
et://mypass@       ; with Server/private-slot password
et://           ; with server-protocol-version

How to expand the gamelauncher with own games

games.ini: This file defines what will be executed from the command-line. games.ini is in the same directory as the gamelauncher. [et]

name       = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
executable = ET.exe
params     = +connect <hostport> <?password +set password <password>> <?config +exec <config>> <?custom <custom>>
icon       = icons/et.bmp

82         = 2.55
83         = 2.56
84         = 2.60


following values are available:

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