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sl.Wiki:How to editupdate a page

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Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.

  1. Please read the articles about Prerequisites before you start, when you haven't done it yet .
  2. Edit the article.
  3. When you edited an article which is the soure for translation into other languages you find the "Translation" template at the bottom (its described in the Translations and Editing article). When you made an major update you need to notify the translators about the edit. To do so you need to change the "t"-tags (=translated) into a "u" (=updated resp. update needed). But as mentioned you should only do this after an major edit.
  4. Save the article.
Note: Its often usefull to add the article to your watchlist. You can do this by clicking the "watch" link at the top (it may have another name in other languages). When you do so, you can always easily check the article via your watchlist link at the top.

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