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List of awards

Hint: The awards apply to reserved playernames and are calculated with all valid sessions within the last 24 hours. In the award-list you will find the daily computation date.
  • Mr. Hopper! - This Server-hopper-award goes to the one visiting the most various servers. On all servers he has to play a valid and at least 10 minutes lasting session.
  • Damn, i'm good! - The "Damn, i'm good!"-award is for the one playing the best session. This is set up by Sessionrating with a little sessiontime-bonus. The displayed rating (for example: 28.53) means he has played during this session as he would have earned it permanently.
  • Call me god! - can say everyone, who played the best Sessions in sum. Once again players who have played a little bit longer will be advanced by the time-bonus. The shown rating is equal to that, if he played all the time that good.
  • U don't have a woman? - The funniest award is of course this one. This is earned by playing the longest time and therefore holding the most valid sessions. Because lots of us played once all night long, everyone should know that this is no bad award ;-)
  • The best place... - On the best place cavorts the most (reserved) players. Once again the valid playtime of all players in sum is crucial.

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