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Please keep thoriwng these posts up they help tons.

Register Playername

This tutorial describes, how you can assign a playername to your account and how to create a clanprofile in the Splatterladder. It's reuired that the PlayerName already exists, which means you have to play with your playername first until you can use it in the splatterladder.

search your playername and register/assign it

Use the Playersearch, to search for your playername, just enter your playername without colorcode. On the resultspage you may will find more names containing your search query, look out for the correct name and move your courser over the correct playername. In your browser's statusbar you will find the "PlayerID", note this ID or remember it, you will need it later. Here's a screenshot, to show you what I mean:

Sl.Help.get playerID01.jpg

There's also a second way to get to your "PlayerID", if you do a search for your playername (same way like above) and then click on your Playername, you will find the PlayerID in the addressbar of your browser. Here's also a image of what I mean:

Sl.Help.get playerID02.jpg

Now, you have your PlayerID, so we will continue. Click on the left side on SL-Settings (1), to go to your tracker settings, there you click on "New Reservation" (2) - You can enter your PlayerID in the next screen. Here's again a image which shows you the way: reservation.jpg

Note: This reservation does NOT protect your name for namestealer - namestealer can still use the same name as you are using, there is no way to avoid this.

Now the playername is registered/assigned to your forumsaccount, you are now able to change some settings in the playername, you can even create a clan (in the sl.Settings).

Clan Registration / Clan Joining

Splatterladder gives you the ability to create a new clan (if it doesn't already exist), or to join an existing clan.

Note: The Playername has to contain the clantag to register a clan!

You have these possibilities:

register new clan (for clanadmins/leaders)

The Splatterladder detects the most clantags automaticly, if not, then you can add the clan, by just typing the clantag (without colorcode) in the sl.settings. If you tried and get an error, then just post your playername and the clantag to the correct forum (W:ET or ET:QW)

join Clan (for players)

If you are a member of a specific clan, and you're not listed on the sl.clanpage, then you can add yourself to this list. Go to the sl.Settings and enter your clantag into the field "Clantag", save the settings.

For some clans you need the clanpassword to add yourself to their clanlist. You can also enter this password in the sl.settings in the field "Clan-Password". - Nobody from the sl.Team will give you the clanpassword, so don't dare to ask!

manage Clan (for Leaders/WarOrgas/Admins)

As an Clanleader/Admin you have the possibility to manage the sl.clanpage. Just go to the sl.Settings and click on the "Admin" button - In this screen you are able to update the clan's informations, set passwords, and so on,...

You have also the possibility to manage your members, just click on "member administration"

Note: If you don't have a Leader or WarOrga status, then you will be asked to enter the admin password of your clan to gain access to the administration!

>> more informations about the Clan administration.

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