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sl.GameLauncher v0.8.1
Released February 14, 2007

Download (read Install instructions)

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Supported Games

Insert the following into the games.ini for CoD4 and UrbanTerror Support

name            = Call of Duty 4
executable      = iw3mp.exe
params          = +connect <hostport> <?password +password "<password>"> <?rcon +rcon_password "<rcon>"> <?global <global>> <?custom <custom>>
icon            = icons/cod4.bmp
4		= 1.5
6		= 1.7
1		= 1.0
5	  = 1.6

name		= UrbanTerror
executable	= Quake3-UrT.exe
params		= +connect <hostport> <?password +set password <password>> <?config +exec <config>> <?global <global>> <?custom <custom>>
icon		= icons/urt.bmp

and add the images below into your sl.GameLauncher\icons folder

Mac Version

I (DarkMukke) will try to make one in the comming weeks. you can do it this way :

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